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Teresa Sweet Photography

The moment when you see the portraits of your newborn, or of your beautiful family, and it literally takes your breath away….that is the reason why I love photography.  I am so completely and utterly inspired by newborns and children.  From the newborn wrinkly skin, to an infant’s belly laugh, to the wide, expressive eyes filled with wonderment of a young child. I am so blessed to be a part of their lives every time they come to see me.


I specialize in newborn photography because there truly is no greater sight in the world than a baby and to see the love of the child’s parents of their new addition to their family.  There are no words to describe how it feels when families hire me to photograph their families to capture each milestone in their lives.   I absolutely love what I do and I make sure to have each and every family that hires me, feel that they are the only family in the world right at that moment and nothing else matters.  I promise to capture amazing art so that every time you walk by the portraits on your wall, it brings tears to your eyes because you will know that your heart and soul are in those photographs.

~ Teresa